To marry educated or uneducated woman?!! [Archives:2008/1171/Community]

July 10 2008

As the title suggests, the article raises a frequently asked question. Though I have my personal viewpoint to answer, I will first try to shed light on the viewpoints of others, supporting them with real stories from the society. As usual, the topic is left open for all readers to give their opinions with reasons, referring to real stories as supporting examples.

In this article, I will start with shedding light on the opinions that look at the matter of marrying uneducated woman better than marrying educated ones. The opinions which support marrying educated women will be discussed in issues to come.

Some men always recommend the marriage of uneducated women, claiming that life goes easier than marrying educated ones. For them, uneducated woman accepts things as they are, rarely rejects things even if they are not acceptable to them. “An uneducated woman””