To marry educated or uneducated women? (Part 2) [Archives:2008/1173/Community]

July 17 2008

By: Maged Thabet Al-kholidy
[email protected]

In this article, I'm continuing the topic of why some men prefer marrying uneducated women, rejecting the idea of marrying educated ones. In my last article, I shed light on some cases where men advocate marrying uneducated women by sharing real examples from our society.

To make this topic as clear as possible, I want to shed more light on how some men justify their preference of marrying uneducated women. Again, I want to remind readers that this isn't my personal opinion, but rather real cases from different people.

Some men view uneducated women as “easy in their nature,” as they refer to such uneducated women during the initial stages of marriage. According to them, while such women also have a list of demands from the men, they'll accept anything from him.

“An uneducated woman will accept a man – particularly if he's educated – rarely putting conditions upon or seeking extra requirements from him,” explained one single man who says he's going to marry an uneducated woman.

Some, particularly women, may say that education plays no role in such cases; rather, it's only the environment in which such women live. While this may be true, an educated woman starts to create her list of demands in secondary school.

Even if she lives with a simple family in a simple environment, education offers her the chance to contact others from different social classes. Of course, one way or another, she'll be affected. But if a simple woman only sticks to her simple family and her simple surroundings, her mind won't change.

“Uneducated women rarely ask questions,” notes one husband of an uneducated woman, adding that his wife never asks where he's going or from where he's coming. This first reflects her trust in him and second, it indicates that she recognizes her husband's mood, avoiding anything that may agitate him.

According to this same husband, this is what the husbands of educated women suffer. As an example, he tells of his friend who always tries to escape his home because there he must answer “obligatory questions” about everything his wife may think of.

As another husband of an uneducated wife comments, “I feel that my wife respects and trusts me, which causes me give her all of my faith and respect,” adding that, “I hate women who constantly ask questions.”

These are several more cases in which uneducated women are preferred over educated ones. Of course, there are other cases and other opinions, so if any readers know of other cases or have other opinions, they may write about it so that readers will become well acquainted with others' experiences and viewpoints on which to marry – an educated or an uneducated woman?

In an effort to be impartial and expand this topic further, I'll shed light on those cases and opinions supporting the idea of marrying educated women in future issues.

Every part of this topic can create a framework, particularly for men, so they can make the right choice. Once acquainted with the positive and negative aspects of each side, a man may make the choice suitable for himself in an effort to have a life free of family problems.

Additionally, choosing either an educated or an uneducated wife, a man won't be surprised by the consequences he may face after marriage because he – and I think everyone of us – will be aware of the positive and negative aspects of each choice.

Finally, I apologize for attacking some critical aspects of educated women, although some men consider these positive attributes. Don't worry, dear educated women, because next week, I'll discuss how useful and good it is to marry an educated woman.

Majed Thabet Al-kholidy is a writer from Taiz, currently doing his M.A. at English Dep, Taiz Uni. He is an ex-editor of English Journal of the University.