To Preserve The Spirit of September 26 Revolution [Archives:2000/39/Focus]

September 25 2000

By: Jalal Al-Sharaabi
Yemen Times
The greatness of September 26 revolution does not lie in driving out the tyrants but in the fact that it had broken from the midst of an illiterate and poor society. Developed countries led their revolutions after they had realized an industrial development while Yemens revolution erupted from the scratch led by young students who studied at Egypt or at the orphanage.
So far, 38 years have elapsed since the revolution, we are still working under guidance of its six great goals.
Yemen revolution coincided with other revolutions in Algeria and Iraq. Before them there had been the great Egyptian revolution in 1952 which triggered all Arab revolutions.
After 38 years we are still confident that spirit of the revolution can never die despite all conspiracies and corruption. It is greater than all those who can not realize the meaning of revolution. Many people occupy important positions without understanding the greatness of the revolution, thinking that it favored them by giving them the chance to enjoy all revenues of the country and to become leaders of the revolution when they address the people.
Remembering the September 26 with admiration, Yemenis also remember the role of the Egyptian forces in enhancing the revolution. The spirits of Egyptian martyrs embraced by Al-Shohadaa cemetery will be always a proof of the great role of Egypt and Abdulnasser played in the success of the September 26 revolution.
Until 1970 mercenaries tried with the help of tribes to suppress the newly-born revolution but revolutionaries were too mighty and strong to defeat.
Lets make tomorrow an embodiment of the spirit of the revolution.