To prevent tension between Hashid, Bakil tribesBin Haider renders himself [Archives:2004/748/Local News]

June 21 2004

Sources stated to Yemen Times that a meeting was held last Thursday afternoon between President Saleh and Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar, son of House Speaker, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar, who is still going threw medical treatment in Saudi Arabia.
The meeting aimed to ease the tension at Harf Sufyan, north of Sana'a, between Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar and Sheikh Mujahed Haider. The latter rendered himself to the authority based on a tribal guarantee after security forces surrounded his house. A confrontation with the Dhu Hussein tribe affiliated to the Bakil tribes led to one person killed from Barat tribe and two security men wounded.
Bin Haider, a military commander, recently returned to Yemen after he departed to Syria following the 1994 civil war.
The tension escalated in Harf Sufyan, located in the center of the Hashid tribes, when Bin Haider prevented Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar from entering his region, accusing him of confiscating the rights of the Sheikhs of Bakil. He called for a rebellion against the dominance of Hashid.
Sources said that Sheikh Mohamed Bin Najy Al-Ghader, one of the prominent leaders of the Bakil tribes, gave Bin Haider a guarantee in return for rendering himself to the Military Commander of the Paratrooper Camp in Jouf Governorate, Col. Yanya Masar, before being transferred directly to Sana'a.
Sheikh Al-Ghader is exerting his good offices to ease the tension, which, according to monitors, could lead to greater trouble between the Bakil and Hashid tribes.