To promote higher education standards US$ 5.300.00 loan granted [Archives:2003/04/Local News]

January 27 2003

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulqader Bajammal and Mr. Yahya Mohammed Ashoabi, the Minister of Higher Education and the National Bank representatives, a workshop on ameliorating the higher education concluded last Thursday 23.
Preparing future strategy for the higher education was on top of the agenda. The overall cost of this project has totaled USD 5.300.000 from the World Bank and the government of Yemen to Aden and Sana’a Universities.
The implementation period will extend from 2003 to 2006. The new project aims basically at improving the capability of the general education and qualitative university education.
Participants in the workshop focused on the main objectives of the project, executive plans, and its significance to promote the institutional competence in both Sana’a and Aden universities particularly in colleges like, medicine, science, education, and administrative human rights.
During the workshop, attendees as well as participants have been informed on methods of running loans offered by the World Bank and the government of Yemen in order to make a success of this project.
The 2-day workshop was attended by Yemeni private and public university rectors, deans, representatives from international organizations, the World Bank, the British Council, and the UNESCO. Participants recommended expanding the new project in order to include other of the Yemeni universities, making use of the loan for the benefit of improving the Yemeni university competence and linking the higher education strategy to the economic and social development plans.
Participants also put great stress on coordination between that strategy and the general education strategy.
An emphasis was also on giving a chance to making more dialogues and discussions with the concerned bodies.
On his part, Dr. Saleh Basorah, the Reactor of Aden University said that the university had witnessed a number of holding vital activities such as, opening dental clinics, holding the Italian Medical Conference, and inaugurating the higher education project.
The university of Aden is now seeking to open a number of laboratories at the university for the benefit of academic studies.
The inaugural ceremony of the central laboratory for the scientific researches was attended by the Deputy of the Higher Education Minister, Mr. Mohammed Bin Mohammed Motahhar, Dr. Saeed Jabali, Vice Reactor of Aden University for Academic Affairs.