To protect consumers and national industry”Whale Power” drink destroyed [Archives:2003/627/Local News]

March 17 2003

Ministry of Industry and Commerce along with the Ministry of Health destroyed huge quantities of the “Whale Power” drink which is an imitation of the “Shark” drink whose agent is METCO, member of the Hayel Saeed Ana'am Group.
Information Manager of the Hael Saeed Ana'am Group, Mr. Zaid Al-Nahary said that this step taken by the government is a respectable move that indicates the government's concern and willingness to protect the Yemeni consumer and trademarks and copyrights of national industries. “These are important issues in encouraging investment in the country.” he said.
In conclusion of his statement, he called upon all the other organizations to combat smuggling and to protect the consumer health and copyrights for a healthier investment environment that guarantees the right of all companies, which eventually helps in driving the national economy forward.