To protect the publicTaiz food inspectors crack down [Archives:2004/798/Local News]

December 13 2004

Taiz Bureau
An inspection campaign targeting groceries and food in restaurants and buffets in Taiz has found large quantities of food for sale to be unsafe.
The new campaign of the Ministry of Environment and Health, based in Cairo District of Taiz, has confiscated the food.
Director of Cairo Zone, Eng. Ahmed Abdul Khabeer al-Rumaimah, has declared that the Environment Health Bureau in the district has doubled its comprehensive inspections on the markets.
He said they have seized food including some kinds of cheese which may some believe may cause cancer.
The campaign included confiscating spoiled and bacteria-carrying kitchen utensils, and spoiled plastic water cans collected from the streets and garbage drums, but used by the buffets to fill with juices.
These materials carry dangerous and infectious diseases.
Al-Rumaimah added that the comprehensive inspection is continuing so as to safeguard the consumers from any disease. He also said that the campaign is just a beginning of the inspection operation.
“The bureau is raising awareness to the consumers. It is also addressing the same awareness to the owners of the enterprises and the sellers to adopt conformity with healthy conditions.”
The Yemen Times in Taiz is preserving samples of the expired foodstuffs.