To protest at the assassination of Sheikh YassinMassive rallies in Taiz [Archives:2004/724/Front Page]

March 25 2004

By Yemen Times
Taiz Bureau

On Saturday 27 March, angry citizens gathered from different neighborhoods of Taiz City at Martyr Square in protest to the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader of the Islamic movement Hamas. The massive rallies chanted slogans like “God the Mighty”, “No to the culture of humiliation and subservience”, “Ahmed Yassin will be born again”, “Victory and Liberation to Palestine and Iraq”, “The trial of murderer Sharon by the international community”, and ” Yes to resistance and jihad”.
A mass rally was then held at the square, attended by Governor of Taiz, Judge Ahmed Al-Hujry; representative of Hamas, Mr. Jamal Essa; and several government officials in the city. Representatives of political parties and civil society organizations and schools delivered speeches condemning the assassination. The letter addressed to Arab leaders by the protesters and the letter of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, written before his martyrdom and has been planned to be addressed to the Arab Summit in Tunisia, were read at the rally.
The speeches emphasized the importance of supporting the legitimate resistance in Iraq and Palestine until the end of the occupations, reforming the Arab situation and bringing war criminals before the International Criminal Court to determine the punishment they deserve. The protesters' letter called on the Arab leaders, as stipulated by Qura'an and Islamic Legislation as their duties, for a clear decision in support of the resistance in Palestine and Iraq, the severance of diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity and the boycott of companies dealing with it.