To serve the Yemen electronic Rial,Financial account needs to be activated [Archives:2003/646/Business & Economy]

June 30 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Yemeni electronic rial has been designed in a tourist shape. On one part there is a picture of the State Authority for Post and images of tourist landmarks, and on the other part there is a 16-digit serial figure and other data. The electronic rial is in four categories: YR 2000, 1500, 3000, 5000. The first category; 2000 is granted when customer buys for the first time the electronic categories to open the rial account via the net.
The electronic rial service via the internet allows the user to get a financial account on the server. After payment of the account the user can get information on his/her asset and the financial operations it has gone through. The user can then pay the electricity, telephone and water bills and to make financial transfers and buying postal stamps.
The user can also feed his financial account through buying financial cards bearing a serial number and a secret number to be scratched in order to follow instructions s for entering the accounts equal to the value fixed on the purchased cards. The Yemeni electronic rial web site is ( Engineer Khalid al-Dhahbani says the site enables its visitors to deal with the rial to complete his dealings such as financial transfers, and paying bills of government services subscribing to the site. The user enters number of the agreement or the telephone. The whole things demands sending data from those parties to the network. Among the rial services is carrying out money orders inside Yemen. The most important thing is entering names of beneficiaries' in correct ways and informing people on how to use the computer, the internet and the electronic rial. So far the Yemeni electronic rial has not been developed to be used as a means for shopping and buying on internet.