To Sort Out Border Troubles: Prince Nayif Arrives Here [Archives:1998/47/Front Page]

November 23 1998

HRH Prince Nayif Ibn Abdulaziz, Minister of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, arrives in Yemen today, Monday, November 23rd on a short official visit. Yemen and Saudi Arabia have been overwhelmed by problems emanating from lack of adequate control over their joint border, that stretches for over 1700 kilometers.
Yemen complains that Saudi Arabia bankrolls the border chieftains and tribes, as well as sheikhs and other people within the country with the purpose of buying influence. Yemen also alleges that Saudi Arabian allies and friends are undermining the Sanaa regime.
Saudi Arabia complains that Yemen has become a major trans-shipment point for smuggling drugs and arms into Saudi Arabia. The two sides want better control over the flow across the border.
There have been many visits and letters exchanged between the leaders of the two countries. Unfortunately, there are no visible results. The roller-coaster relations continue to turn round and round.