Todays Youth: Where to? [Archives:2001/03/Focus]

January 15 2001

Abdou Mohd Talib
Swedish Institute
I am sure that all of us appreciate the importance of youth in any country. No one can deny their everlasting roles. They are the real wealth of a country and pillars of strength and power and they are the potential shapers of tomorrow. Now the question under discussion is: Where do we put our youth today? Are they on the right track?
With a single scrutinizing look at the condition and behavior of our youth toady, we get a sense of disappointed. Streets teem with guys of different ages back and forth around the clock, hanging around, killing time, troubling passers-by and indulging in trivial deeds. Take for example, those who remain, till the cows come home, showing improper behavior towards girls and enjoy flirting with them along passages and paths. To get more examples, open you eyes on those who stay up involved in rioting and assault. They are found debating all the time about petty things like someones haircut, the latest in base songs, fashion and so forth. In addition, they are addicted to, for long hours, expanding gossip and exchanging loud burst of laughters at the same time. They keep themselves busy with chewing Qat and pursuing wicked TV-channels. They are also crazy about trying the latest in fashion and they feel proud of wearing T-shirts that have pictures of their favorite singers or cine heroes. They look at them as their models.
If you round up more about their conducts, you will discover more disappointing things. Youth today are trying their best to be taken notes of by the society regardless of whether they were off beat in their dress or their behavior.
It is really a shame upon all of us which prompts sorrow and anguish. The situation of our youth is outrightly heart-rending and needs to be remedied before we are in the soup.
In short, todays youth should be taken care of by the society, organizations, parties and unions. The foremost thing our youth need to evolve is the strength of character which would eventually mould the national character. Our national character in Yemen involves a deep commitment to human values and principles. The youth today should, by all means, preserve and protect the value system and our invaluable wealth of national heritage. They should also have a clear understanding of the tasks ahead of them for nation building. The need of the moment is promoting a sense of responsibility, of self awareness, of cultural awareness as well as a sense of dedication for ensuring an all round progress of our beloved homeland. Remember our guys, Youth means a predominance of courage and adventure over a life of ease. Will we learn to get along? I hope so.