Tom and Jerry [Archives:2006/975/Community]

August 24 2006

By: Afrah Nasser
[email protected]

“I have this strong feeling of uncontrollable anger towards the West which leads me to find unusual ways of expressing myself,” I bet those were the words of the people who attempted recently to bomb British airplanes. I find their attempt to be a desperate, but normal, way to make the world see the long-lasting damage done to Arab's morale.

As the old saying goes “violence leads to violence” and therefore we can see where this world is going!

Are we in the forest where the most powerful eat thos weaker? Are we really animals? These days nothing is okay. We seem to reverse obvious facts and always find a way to confuse intentions of all types of religion and sectarianism.

The bombers claim is this is the birth of a new middle east! As long as there is no logic r sense of justice, and just a continuing dominance of selfishness, I bet no one will be in peace.

Despair, anger, rage, and resentment can turn into unpleasant actions. Nevertheless, some have a strong believe that we should see how good it gets. Tom and Jerry is who we are!! You decide who plays Tom and who plays Jerry.