Tomorrow [Archives:2008/1117/Community]

December 3 2008

By: Somaya Al-Shameery
Sana'a University, Faculty of Education
[email protected]

There comes a time when one is faced with a situation much stronger than his or her abilities. In fact, it may be so difficult that he or she will feel like simply giving in to reality. Consequently, this may lower their self-esteem and confidence and isolate them from society.

However, a strong person is one with strength in himself, who doesn't give up easily, who has hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow and the desire both to reach and remain at the top.

Remember that tomorrow is a bright, new day full of new challenges to be accomplished. It's a day that will help break the barrier of sadness and overcome any fears you may have faced in yesterday's world.

Try to have a meaningful goal in your life and be ready to fight anything you might face – both in the near and far-off future. Have faith in yourself and in Allah.