Tomorrow: Sanaa Half-Marathon Takeoff [Archives:1998/27/Sports]

June 6 1998

Organized by the Yemeni Athletics Federation (YAF) and funded by the Yemenia Airlines, the Sanaa half-marathon, will start tomorrow, Tuesday, July 7, at Al-Sabeen Square. Five Arab countries are participating: Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have declined the invitation, and no replies were sent by the other invited Arab countries.
This sports event is a part of the celebrations held to mark the occasion of the 7th July – Victory Day.
The Egyptian team: – Ahmed Ali Al-Sukbi, an administrator – Abdulnaby Abdu, – Ayman Anwar Mahmoud, and – Mohammed Mohammed Al-Mursy.
The Jordanian team: – Talib Saleh, an administrator – Salamah Abdulkareem and – Ali Mohammed Alsamadi.
The Qatari team: – Mansoor Saleh, an administrator – Ali Ahmed Saleh and – Abdulshakur Othman.
The Lebanese team: – Mohyi-al-Deen Akwah, an administrator – Ali Ewad and – Omar Abdulltif.
The YAF has specified the starting and finish points of the race and its distance. There will be three different races: half marathon (21km), road race (10km) and junior male and female race (3km).
The YAF met last Saturday with the security and health authorities to prepare for the marathon.