Torture of prisoners in Marib and Ibb [Archives:2004/729/Local News]

April 15 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Mr. Ali Al-Hadad, one of the inmates of a prison at Al-Joubah, Marib Governorate, attempted suicide by firing a bullet to his chest. Families of inmates, including the family of Al-Hadad, hold the prison's security responsible and claim that their son, accused of robbing a commercial store there, have encountered mental and physical torture, as signs are blatantly clear of practices that are prohibited by the constitution and humanitarian laws.
Similarly, 7 inmates of the Central Prison in Ibb died as a result of torture and terrible health care. A tape recorded by inmates reveals the inhumane treatment inmates encounter there. They confirmed that they either die of illnesses or hunger before judicial verdicts are issued. They also claim in the recorded tape that tea is sold to inmates in urinating bottles, that they are served food unfit for human consumption and that their medicines are sold outside the prison.
It is worth mentioning that the situations and conditions of Yemeni prisons are tragic, especially in jails of the Criminal Investigation Service, Police Stations and Municipalities and that such prisons not checked by judicial inspection.