Tortured to Death [Archives:2000/36/Front Page]

September 4 2000

Relatives of Sabah Seif Salem have appealed to Minister of Interior, attorney general and chairman of Ibb’s prosecution to investigate into the death of their relative, Sabah.
Sabah, who belongs to Al-Akhdam (Yemenis of African origin) sector of people, died last Monday in jail in Al-Udain district of Ibb after being physically tortured to force her confess practicing adultery. Appellants expressed their hope that their ‘black color’ would not prevent justice to be on their side. On the other hand, tens of the victim’s relatives gathered in front of the General Security Office in Ibb demanding investigation into this matter.
For his part, director of General Security Office in Ibb, urged the health office of the governorate to provide a forensic doctor for a post-mortum.
In addition, he summoned director of security office of Al-Udain district for interrogation.