TOTAL Official Presents Plans for Gas Project [Archives:1999/05/Local News]

February 1 1999

In a meeting with the press. Mr. Jean-Marc Hosanski, Yemen LNG Project Director at Total, gave a summary of their operations and plans for the Yemeni gas project.
Total has three operations in Yemen, one is for the production of crude oil in Shabwa with a production capacity of 16,000 barrel a day which will increase to 22,000 bpd at the end of this year. The second operation is a joint oil production concession at Jannah. The third is the US$ 2.2 billion LNG project.
This last project calls for constructing a 320 kilometer main pipeline from Marib to Bal Haf, a 100 kilometer spur line from Marib to Sanaa, a 26 kms. transfer pipeline, a plant at Bal Haf, and a storage capacity of 250,000 cubic meters – also at Bal Haf. Exploitation of the 10.2 Tcf proven gas reserves still depend on finding markets as financing.