Tough Worded notes Between the Foreign Ministers of Yemen and Eritrea [Archives:2000/07/Local News]

February 14 2000

The Eritrean Embassy in Sana’a has handed the Yemeni Foreign Ministry a strong letter of having responsibility for supporting split inside the Eritrean Community. The source indicated that some official parties aim at strengthening Eritrean opposition and give facilities to the opposition groups in Yemen.
At the same level, Yemeni Foreign Ministry last week had summoned to the ministry the Eritrean charge Affairs and handed him a tough-worded note, accusing the Eritrean government of having responsibility of the killing of three Yemeni fishermen on the high seas in 1996.
Yemen’s Deputy Premier, the Foreign Minister Abdul Qadir Ba Jamal surprise visit to Asmara last week represented a kind of hiding the state of disinclination that appeared after the second phase of border award.
Some political analysts believe that there is a number of Yemenis still in Eritrean prisons since the military confrontation between the two countries over the Honaish Island.