Tourism: Actions not just Words [Archives:2000/41/Last Page]

October 9 2000

Having an investigation into those countries who became one of the leading countries in the field of international tourism will show that those countries would have never reached the high level they are in this important industry just because they wanted to be there or they opened their air, sea and land for those who wanted to visit fully realizing that unless some basic conditions are fulfilled they wont be able to shape the future of their tourism.
Its an undeniable fact that those countries have realized the importance of the tourism industry, and the revenue they could earn if enough care was given to this industry, which is bigger than the one earned from civil industries or other sectors. This has let the economists describe tourism as industry without chimneys. Based upon that, those countries started planning and implementing those plans to build a tourism industry that is compatible with their geopolitical location and demographic structure, and in harmony with their cultural background. This has led to the various specialties in the tourism industry spread from one country to the other, as seems obvious from a look at the map of international tourism. For example we get to know about Niagara falls, the lakes in Switzerland and America, the shores of Niece, the jungles of Africa and the Amazon, Marabou resources. In the same way we have found out about the French fashions and perfumes, etc.
Whats mentioned above are living witnesses confirming the various specialties of tourism industry in various continents. The tourism policies followed by those countries would not work if they didnt have strong will and unlimited determination to implement the results of scientific researches conducted to explore the potential of tourism in those countries. In fact they have been trying to anticipate the future of international tourism and focusing on a direct and successful tourism policy. If this wasnt the case, those countries wouldnt be able to dominate the market of international tourism.
The tourism industry, like any other industry, needs, some conditions to be fulfilled to prosper. Some of those conditions are:
a) Security and stability.
b) Flexible investment rules.
c) Fair justice system.
d) Industrial areas supplied with good infrastructures.
e) Cheap and trained labor.
f) Highly qualified administration.
g) Availability of markets for products.
Capital is not mentioned among the above conditions, the reason being that if the above conditions are fulfilled, foreign investors will soon invest their money in this country without fear. No investor will hesitate to invest his money unless the above conditions are provided. Crude materials if not provided in the country of investment, can be brought from elsewhere by the investors themselves. Based upon that, the conditions to start good tourism industry is no different than those needed to start any other industry with only a minor difference. That is crude materials like seas ,beautiful scenes, old civilizations..etc have to be provided in the target country
Here in the Republic of Yemen , large efforts should be spent to establish a strong and healthy tourism industry and to exploit what the country has of good resources in this field . Efforts can be spent to make the republic of Yemen the number one country in the middle east in the field of tourism for having unique potential such as high mountains, more than 2000 km long of coast line stretches on the red sea and the Indian ocean, more than 120 islands, deserts, natural resorts, different climactic conditions and the ancient civilizations which existed more than 3000 years ago with a lot like historic cities, dams, worship houses and castles beside the rich heritage.
To conclude a good tourism industry will not take place by hopes and words done but by actions and actions only.