Tourism Promotion Council approves visa at Sana’a Airport [Archives:2004/747/Local News]

June 17 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Sunday, June 13- The Tourism Promotion Council, during its broad meeting presided over by Mr. Khalid Al-Rowaishan, Minister of Culture and Tourism, discussed a number of issues related to the promotion of tourism to Yemen. The council discussed the collection of tourism promotional fees, and the roles entrusted to the related authorities in the collection of these fees, which contributes positively to the promotion of tourism in Yemen.
Mr. Yahya Mohamed Abdullah Saleh confirmed that the meeting, attended by regional directors of Arab and international airlines, resulted in the adoption of a number of measures that would regulate relations between the Tourism Promotion Council and related tourism authorities, the travel and tourism agents in Yemen, and regional aviation offices in order to activate effectively tourism promotion operations in Yemen. He also called on them to contribute to the promotion of tourism in Yemen.
The meeting also confirmed that tourists coming from Europe or countries of the European Union and many Asian countries will be able to obtain entry visas directly from Sana'a airport and other entry ports. This measure will assist in reviving tourism in Yemen.
Tourists from the European Union, the G8 industrial countries and Scandinavian countries, and Switzerland can obtain entry visas at Yemeni ports, as agreed to during the meeting.