Tourist Exhibition in Taiz concludes [Archives:2002/40/Local News]

September 30 2002

TAIZ-Taiz governor, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Al Hajri, inaugurated Friday Sept. 27 the First Tourist Festival on the occasion of the Tourism World Day. The exhibition which winds up today, includes photography show for tourist attractions in Yemen, tourist and hotel services, handicrafts and silver antiquities and typical agriculture nursery.
Sadiq Salah , Taiz Tourist office chairman told the Yemen Times this exhibition is being held within a number of tourist festivals on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the 26th Yemeni revolution which coincides with the tourism world day. These exhibitions aims at raising public awareness towards the importance of tourism in the development drive of the country. Taiz tourism festival was organized to promote tourist attractions in the governorate of Taiz as well as selling tourist programs and offering different tourist services.