Tourist potential unlimited in Taiz Saber Mountains are breathtaking [Archives:2002/43/Last Page]

October 21 2002


Since time immemorial, Yemenis lived on the top of mountains to be secure from invaders. Forays that used to take place from time to time prompted Yemenis to retreat to mountain fortresses.
The way they used to build their houses, in the midst of mountain breezes, is enchanting and enthralling.
The Saber Mountains have had some of those homes.
The highest mountains in Yemen with an altitude of 3070 meters, the Saber Mountains have springs and streams with sounds of murmuring waters, something beyond description. The lights of its cliff-hung villages are at times mistaken for stars.
A winding road leads from Taiz to the top of the mountain.
The road is filled with the activity of a living mountain’s venders of fruits and roses, well-dressed in their traditional gowns which possess unsurpassed originality, treading softly the roads with their wares in baskets balanced on top of their heads.
Farmers and visitors in four-wheel drive vehicles vie for right of way with goats, sheep and cattle.
Saber comprises a chain of lined-up mountains, which falls into three districts.
1 – Saber al-Mawadem District:
It is the closest to Taiz City and consists of several villages scattered through the mountain. It extends from the northeast to the northwest of Taiz City.
The highest peak of the mountain is above 3200m above the sea level. It is called al-Arooss peak.
2 – Mashra’ah & Hadnan District
It is in the middle of the mountain and is considered the most overpopulated districts in the Republic. It is 8 km in size.
3 – al-Mesrakh District:
It is situated in the west south of the mountain.
Taiz, nowhere compares to any glittering skyline of a cosmopolitan city in any country, has a special charm of its own. Despite the blackouts and shortage of electricity from time to time, Taiz spreads its spell over the whole atmosphere.
Even if electricity is out, the charm of darkness, flickers of candles are sure to charm.
Its small size, crowded buildings, small streets and lanes make it something between a city and a countryside. You can see a mixture of modern as well as ancient buildings. It is actually a place where the present as well as the past have wonderfully mixed together to form a unique environment.
When electricity is out, many people find it a chance to have a trip out. Some go out to stay at cafes and keep staring at people walking up and down streets. Many others prefer walking which is a popular hobby.
It is really fascinating to spend some time walking out at night. The atmosphere keeps you spellbound and you feel as if you are in another town.
Night time in Taiz is far more different in its complexion than the day time. For all that dusty and hot hours disappear and are replaced by a heavenly quietness and stillness. The people’s number becomes fewer at night than during daytime.
Moreover, Yemenis are not nocturnal people and in the cities of Yemen, tend to sleep early. The stillness and quietness that one feels at night bestows on Taiz a holy atmosphere that could attract and captivate anyone.
A pity
But it is a pity that only few people and families are aware of such superabundant harmony and poise.
Taiz is also distinguished for its strategic location in the Saber Mountains. It is situated in the northern slopes of a very high, skyward, at an altitude of 3070 meters.
Saber Mountain by itself is a wonder, as it embraces the city in its arms. Many springs and streams run on its sides and that lend a heavenly beauty to the villages located at cliffs. Until recently you could only see darkness, if you looked at the villages at night.
However, the situation has now changed upon an amazing road that has been paved from Taiz to the top of the mountain. Most of the villages have also been provided with electricity. Seeing all this at night, you can not help but wonder at the captivating and beauty of the whole scenario. Some people go up this majestic mountain to enjoy an unprecedented spectacular view.
From the top of the mountain, the whole city and the buildings seem as nothing but small spots of light and dark that glitter invitingly.
Saber Mountain has all the potential to be exploited as a fascinating tourist resort. Unfortunately, no infrastructure facilities have so far been provided. The families on a visit to the spot find it difficult to find a proper place to stay peacefully and enjoy themselves there.
It is amazing that investors have not yet opened their eyes to these enormous business opportunities that the place offers which if properly exploited can generate fabulous revenues. We do cherish the hope that the people in charge will take this on board to do something, won’t they? I love imagining that they would.