Towards Yemen’s accession of some GCC’s institutions:Yemeni-Kuwaiti educational experts meet [Archives:2003/637/Front Page]

May 26 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Kuwaiti deputy minister of education, vice-chairman of the National Committee for Culture and Science, Mr. Abdulaziz Hassan al-Jarallah arrived in Sana'a last Friday for talks with Yemeni education officials on educational issues particularly training and curricula.
The visit comes after Yemen has joined the GCC's Arab Bureau for Education.
The Gulf States have been seeking to play an active part in the educational system after the US demands have become distinctly clear for effecting changes in some school educational curricula.
Some of those curricula have Salafi-oriented trends which have been taught at some scholastic institutes in Yemen, which are incorporated along with education schools.
Upon an invitation by the United States a Yemeni educational team is still discussing the possibility of improving educational curricula.
Saudi teachers have been sent to Yemen for the first time at the expanse of Saudi Arabia, the number of those teachers has reached totaling 950.
This has come within the framework of the Yemeni-Saudi educational cooperation to be enhanced for the better.
The Saudi embassy cultural attache said his country was to send a number of books to the libraries at Sana'a university.
The Gulf tendency to enhance the educational fields between Yemen and other gulf states has been deeply enhanced.
This is clearly observed when the Yemeni-Iranian closeness has been felt particularly in the field of culture and education.
Around 400 scholarships are granted to Yemeni students study at the Iranian universities.