Trademarks: Their essence and high economic value [Archives:2007/1015/Business & Economy]

January 11 2007

By: Mazen Al-Tamimi
The trademarks subject has not attained the interest of information momentum like other subjects of economic literature and dialogue and debate forums except only in the last decade of the past twentieth century, though the trademarks, their appearance and using in commercial activity are old and comes for a long time ago, but blowing of globalization winds and liberation of world trade and transfer of the world into a small village gives the trademarks significance and economic value, when we read or hear that value of certain trademarks equals, without exaggeration, budget of a group of states jointly.

In the same context I would like to assert an important fact, namely, we should not consider trademarks only through pure commercial aspect, but through a wider comprehensive consideration within a large umbrella and under a wide title of Intellectual Property Rights, where the trademarks are one of the basic elements, which form the industrial property beside patents and industrial design and models.

It is better and more worthy to go a little towards defining concept and essence of the trademark, so as to have a conception in advance on this topic.

The trademark as agreed upon by all legal definitions and legislations is ” a group or one of the innovated indications