Traders protest seizure of containers [Archives:2000/41/Local News]

October 9 2000

Sanaa Chamber of Commerce and Industry sent a letter to Staff Brigadier Yahia Ali Al-Amri deputy minister of Interior for security office containing a complaint presented by Al-Yarmook Brs. Trade Company about seizing 7 containers on their way to Sanaa from Aden at Yasleh check point. The Chamber urged the ministry to put an end to such irresponsible and lawless behavior of some elements of traffics, central security and police.
On the other hand two other containers belonging to Abu Basheer Trade Establishment were also seized at the same check point and were released four hours later after paying YRs 5000. They were again seized at the next check point and refused to be released unless YRs 2000 is paid for each container.