Traffic accidents kill 50 people during Eid [Archives:2007/1015/Local News]

January 11 2007

SANA'A, Jan. 9 ) Up to 50 people were reportedly died and 184 others were injured in 138 separate road accidents during the Eid holiday, traffic sources said.

A single tragic traffic accident in Jabal Al-Nar, Taiz, killing six people and injured five others, who are all members of the same family when the front wheel of a car exploded causing the vehicle to overturn, according to a report by Yemen News Agency.

The ministry pointed out that a similar accident occurred in Hodeidah governorate, killing a man and his three children when their car collided with another vehicle in Al-Kadan area.

The Traffic Department released a report, attributing traffic accidents to reckless driving, poor maintenance of vehicles and carelessness on the part of drivers. The report said that natural factors such as rains and mist are among the reasons for the high number of road accidents.

The Capital Secretariat registered 70 traffic accidents, of which 32 were collisions with pedestrians and 24 collisions claiming lives of six people including two children.

Additionally, two road accidents occurred in Ibb governorate where a driver died along with his son in one of these accidents when their vehicle turned over in Al-Udain-Ibb highway. A driver and two passengers died in the other accident when their car collided with another vehicle in Ibb-Taiz highway.

In Al-Mahweet, two badly injured children were taken to a hospital in the governorate while their father, who was driving, died when their car turned over in Bani Sa'ad district. In Damt district, a child driver ran over a little girl, who died immediately.

According to Interior Ministry reports, many governorates experienced misty and rainy days and this led to several road accidents.

The Interior Ministry recommended drivers in different Yemeni governorates be careful while driving, maintain their vehicles and obey the traffic laws.