Traffic Awareness whose responsibility? [Archives:2004/740/Community]

May 24 2004

In spite of the negative aspects to chewing Qat, many chweing Qat sessions involve very important people such as intellects, politicians and influential dignitaries, and at many times, if the sessions are not focused on malicious gossip and slander, several important subjects of concern to our daily lives are actually discussed toward maximum benefits.
Unfortunately for one friend working in the Police Traffic Department, he ended up one time during a Qat chewing session among many individuals very disturbed by the chaotic situation of traffic in Yemen. For the first moment, because of the warm welcome he received, this friend thought that he was loved by the group. It was later that session that he found out that the group was welcoming him as he had provided them, by being there, an opportunity to spill out their disgust and disapproval of the traffic situation in Yemen. All the questions were directed at him, why the traffic police would not spread awareness? Why the people are not respecting traffic lights, signs and regulations? Why there is too much chaos in traffic? Why? Why?
Everybody was talking enthusiastically and throwing blame on the Traffic Police Apparatus while this friend was sitting quietly while listening to all kinds of insults and critics targeting the Traffic Police and everyone associated with it until they had calmed down. Of course this had happened because of the ignorance of everybody, since the responsibility was not limited to the police apparatus and policemen. This friend had his chance to reply to all sorts of accusations. Do the police have media capabilities such as newspapers, TV and radio stations? Does the Police Department have enough financial and human resources to carry out research and studies concerning the general direction of the public and how to have an effect on them? Could the police impose the subject of traffic rules and regulation at public schools? And so on.
Yes, the police may have the substance to benefit from in the field of dispersing traffic awareness and respect to traffic rules and regulations, but the police lack the capabilities to put that in place. Therefore, the collective efforts all members of the society are required for the success of work of the police in organizing the smooth flow of traffic in our narrow roads and streets. Each honest citizen could and must contribute, at homes, in schools, universities, mosques, research centers and each with the available capability.
The spread of traffic awareness is not limited to the role of the police traffic department and policemen alone, it is the collective responsibility of society. It could take a long time with straining process and efforts to strengthen understandings of traffic and in making them civilized behaviors obeyed by all members of the society with no exception.
This is a sort of discussion to come out from Qat chewing session sometimes, and at other times Qat chewing sessions end up with nothing achieved at all.