Trafficking Yemeni antiquities on the rise [Archives:2005/832/Local News]

April 11 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Security apparatuses in Hajjah Governorate, 169 km North West of Sana'a captured three of the persons involved in the trade of antiquities and trafficking them from the Yemeni lands into other countries. One of them is a Yemeni national while the other two hold the Syrian citizenship, who altogether work for one of the international land transportation companies.

The three were caught after security authorities were informed by a telecommunication center owner in the town of Haradh last week. He told the security authorities that a person came into his center, put some 15 archeological founds in sacks and then loaded them on a car.

Afterwards, the security apparatuses chased the wanted car and caught the driver along with a Syrian national who was sitting by him. Both made confessions while being investigated that there is still a Syrian national working for a transportation company involved with them, and he was in charge of trafficking the Yemeni antiquities into the Saudi lands.

The security apparatuses mentioned that it arrested earlier last week two persons, one of them a Saudi national and the other Syrian, while they were carrying six ancient swords with silver sheaths, in addition to other three decorative founds.