Trailing the accusers in Al-Shuaibi’s case [Archives:2007/1059/Local News]

June 14 2007

By: Nisreen Shadad
SANA'A, June 13- For 440 days the order of General prosecutor to investigate Anisa al-Shuaibi's case is still not put into actions. Al-Shuaibi's situation is unbearable, “Living unsecured without a family or a friend standing beside you is something agonizing especially once it happened for a woman,” said Al-Shuaibi, who claimed she was arrested illegally and raped by the Criminal investigation unit officers.

In a press release, Hood organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms complained of disregarding Al-Shuaibi's case for 440 days, though the General prosecutor ordered the investigation with the director of General investigation unit in Sana'a; Rizq al-Jawfi.

Muhammad Naj Allawo, the director of Hood organization said that al-Jawfi will be submitted to the trail of Al-Shuaibi's case on Sunday 17th of June.

Barman said that referring al-Jawfi to the trail while he is still occupying his job is another violation of the law. He must stop working, before he is referred to the judicial proceedings.

Al-Shuaibi questioned the reasons behind neglecting her case, “All people deserted me even my mother and close friends. Is that because I am asking for my simple rights which is to protect my rights and live in dignity among my family.” “Is it hard for the woman to talk about such issues? Do they want us to keep silent even once they are abused and raped?,” said Al-Shuaibi.

Al-Shuaibi in the previous two months moved with her two children Harun and Ream to three houses hoping to live safely in a place which no one knows her. She came back lastly to her own house because of the dare circumstances she lived in, “For more than five months I have no salary. Even the money for transportation I lacked it,” said al-Shuaibi. Abdul Rahman Barman, the attorney who is in charge of al-Shuaibi's case, confirmed that al-Shuaibi is threatened everywhere. And, since the accusers are still free and faced no penalty, al-Shuaibi's situation will be as it is.

Moreover, instead of investigating her case, her salary is cut and there is no a forward step in the case, each responsible person tries to cover the truth and slow down the case, according to Barman.

“The promises of aiding al-Shuaibi and protecting her were a lot at the beginning of the concerned case, however, this call is about to disappear,” said Barman.