Training and teaching court in Taiz [Archives:2006/1006/Local News]

December 11 2006

TAIZ, Dec. 7 ) A new youth court project aims to enhance youth's role in developing their community and spreading their awareness about human rights, democracy and their duties.

Held at the Al-Sa'eed Cultural Foundation, as many as 800 youths, representing all the political and social fronts in Taiz Governorate, participated in the inaugural ceremony.

At the event, National Cultural Center Director Abdullah Abdulelah Salam, reviewed the main themes the youth court will establish such as considering the freedom of expression and dialogue, and welcoming criticism, other's opinion and highlighting issues that concern youth and developing their work abilities nationwide.

A methodology was approved for implementing the project via holding a monthly session involving 300 youths of the court members to meet government officials and the parties concerned with youth issues.

With these sessions, the youths are expected to get basic information about their role in the parties concerned with their issues. Many workshops have been staged in the presence of 80 youths to develop their skills and select some of them as candidates to renew the joint work among youths to curb unemployment that has grown to 30 percent of the working age population.

The inaugural ceremony has seen several discussions and remarks that aim to implement the project and make it successful.