Training course for girls in physical education [Archives:2004/756/Local News]

July 19 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Under the minister of youth and sport, Mr. Abdualrahman Al-Akwa'a, the General Department of Women concluded last week a workshop about physical education that took place at the Higher Institute for Physical Education.
The training course is one the activities to support and spread women's sport concepts. The Ministry of Youth and Sport has started to take bold and gradual steps in that field.
Al-Akwa'a addressed the trainees “We want more training courses to promote sport among Yemeni women. The sports should be suitable for women and should be within our traditions and customs”
He also promised to build a special hall for girls in which they will find the opportunity to practice all kind sport.
Nora Alawi Al-Jerwi, the general-manager of the women's department, commented, “This workshop for girls has lasted from 3-9 July. Today we have the closing ceremony in which the coach will evaluate the training course. The aim of the training course is to raise the capabilities of the participants in physical education. The General Department for Women along with the Olympic Committee conducts a lot of similar workshops in different governorates”
The Algerian coach, Sarah Al-Bakeri, said, “There were 40 female participants from different governorates. I felt that the participants have benefited a lot from the workshop that varied between practical and theoretical study. This is the beginning of the beginning for Yemeni women's sport, which will certainly raise the level of the women's sport in future.”
She further said “Women really need such training courses to develop physical education in schools”