Training course in banking [Archives:2003/653/Local News]

July 24 2003

A special training course on banking operations started on Saturday July 19 as a step towards broadening the understanding of bank staffers of the basics of modern bank operations. The 10-day course is organized by Arab Academy of Financial and Banking Sciences represented in the Financial Training Institute in cooperation with Yemeni Bankers Association.
The training course aims at providing an extensive background about the nature of the banking sector as well as to give a clear idea of its importance in today's financial markets. Comprehensive lessons were given focusing on money management and the role of banks in supporting national economies plus means to finance the activities of establishments, businessmen, and individuals.
In the opening ceremony of the training course, Mr. Ahmed Abdualrahman al-Samawai, Yemeni Central Bank Governor gave a speech in which he pointed out steps and stages the bank has implemented and the development that it has been achieving in the recent years.
He confirmed that the regulations adopted by the Yemeni Central Bank are among the best in the world and that the bank carries out massive and distinguished projects such as implementing the state's budget.
He said that the bank seeks in the near future to introduce modern technology to help in unifying the check issuing process and provide regular reports from the bank's financial affairs department.
Mr. Ahmed Mohammed al-Khawei, the Head of the Yemeni Bankers Association, and Mr. Khaleel al-Shamaa, the deputy of the Arab Academy of Financial and Banking Sciences noted the efforts made and services provided by his organization to improve the skills of bank employees in a step to enhance qualifications of banking cadres throughout the Arab world.