Training course on…Basic principles of the defendant’s rights [Archives:2003/637/Local News]

May 26 2003

Imad AL-Saqqaf &
Mohammed Al-Hakimi
Yemen Times – Taiz

Legal rights of defendant citizens are being violated by some security men, therefore, some organizations have recently set up serious measures to spread awareness about the serious consequences resulting from neglecting this critical issue.
Last week on 17-19 May, the Taiz -based Yemen women branch and Oxfam Organization, in cooperation with Taiz security Administration, concluded a two- day training course aimed at consolidating the capacity of policemen working for judiciary to a better application of the Yemeni rules and a comprehensive understanding of the law by those policemen while performing their duties in this respect, through a comparative study of international law and rules which were actually included in the course's literature and brochures.
The major premise of the course concentrated on behavior towards defendants during arrest, detention and interrogation other than those permitted by the law. It, in addition to this, centered on banning torture and and inhumane treatment used by some security men against the accused. The second main topic focused on the inviolability of citizens' own lives.
Worth mentioning that eighteen people participated in the course- security men, civil society organization, trainers and female lawyers.
Highly accurate and modern means had been used in the discussions.
The success the course secured was the outcome of common strenuous efforts by all. It is also quite important to refer to significant and successful contributions by Dr. Mohammed Ad-Durah, professor of law at Taiz university; Mr. Hussein AL-Adeemi, an expert in international law; and Mr. Sultan AL-Alemi, public relations manager at Taiz security office and human rights organization chief. In fact, all such a success should be first attributed to the general manager of security of the governorate Dr. Ahmad AL-Olufi, who has continuously been stepping up the role of security and improving its structure to be in harmony with the law.
Such activities and seminars held in Taiz do reflect the invaluable role of the governor of Taiz governorate Judge Ahmed AL-Hajry in encouraging and supporting creative men and creativity in general.
Many people attended the conclusion ceremony in which sheik Mohammed AL-Hayagcm, vice governor, Women Union branch chairwoman and the general manger of security highlighted the importance of good understanding of this issue and expressed their appreciation of the organizers and participants who were accordingly rewarded by the sheik.
“We will renew our civilized human and democratic heritage” Suad AL-Absi stated.