Training course on combating AIDS [Archives:2004/779/Local News]

October 7 2004

Taiz Bureau
A training course on the combat of Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) started last Sunday in Taiz. The course is being organized by the National Program for the Combat of AIDS and Health & Population Office, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands. It will continue up to October 27th 2004 with the participation of 20 female and male trainees from different districts all over the governorate of Taiz.
The participants will listen to many lectures during the course that aims at raising the awareness of the harms caused by AIDS, improving the skills of medical field workers and instructing them about the diagnosis and treatment of AIDS sufferers as well as limiting the spread of the epidemic.
Medical sources recently released that the number of last year's AIDS cases in Yemen amounted up to 379, largely due the shortage of health care and the lack of safe means for blood transmission. Blood is almost always transmitted from a person to another in the absence of the necessary laboratory tests.
The course was inaugurated by the Assistant Deputy of the Governorate of Taiz, Ali Mohammad AL-Maqdashi.