Training course on communication technology [Archives:2005/868/Local News]

August 15 2005

A festival was held at the city of Telecommunication and Technology Information in Sana'a last week. The festival was attended by the 180 employees concluded their training course in IT and who are to be allocated to work in different governorates.

Engineer Abdulmalik Al-Mualami, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, delivered a speech in which he confirmed that it is the ministry's desire to carry out the government policy in perusing transparency in enrolling skilled qualified youth, with a specific neutral unbiased criterion.

He expressed his optimism with the output of this policy which reflected the development and success of this establishment during the last three years, as it could attract the best elements through exams and interviews. He continued to say that they depend on the abilities and enthusiasm of these youth to add a distinguished quality to the communication sector.

He pointed out that the honor of serving the country is achieved by working everywhere in the country, be it Sana'a, Sadaa or Al-Maharah. Mr. Al-Mualimi expressed his delight to the increase in the rate of the females in this batch, confirming the desire of his ministry to give chances to the women to have their roles in all administration levels to participate equally with men to build and develop their community.

He hoped that women will find better chances in future employment posts. Minister Almualimi advised this patch to be as diligent as the previous ones, hoping that they will be a new source of creation in their positions.The employment process through advertisements and examination had started in 201 and repeated in 2003. This is the third process to which (3600) Yemeni and foreign University graduates (master/ batcholer/ diploma ) had applied.

Their specializations and governorates varied. After the exams and interviews, (200) were accepted with 10% of them women. 178 of these attended this course.