Training course on food industry concluded [Archives:2004/771/Community]

September 9 2004

A training course on the food industry concluded at the hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Taiz on 31st August. The course was organized from August 14th by the Al-Ofuq Professional Society for Women's Development and was financed by the Social Development Fund under an agreement signed by Shawqi Ahmed Hail Sa'eed, head of the consultant board of the professional societies union, and under the supervision of the CCI.
There were 22 female participants on the course, who received first-class administrative and technical training, to be able to get a source of income, said Intisar Al-Aghbari, the director of the society.
The course consisted of three main units: the food industry, in which trainees learned how to make drinks and pastes out of household materials; the pastes industry, in which participants learned how to prepare pastes with modern equipment and were exposed to new ideas; and sweets.
At the closing ceremony, participants were given certificates and prizes by the National Company for the Ghee and Soap Industry.
The ceremony was attended by Abduallah Abdul-Wahab No'aman, representative of Shawqi Hail Sa'eed, representative of the CCI, Mr. Volkmar Jahn, advisor for the Small Enterprise Developing Center in the CCI, and Faidah Abdul-Jalil Shaher, head of the Program Department in the Al-Ofuq society.