Training course on sign language [Archives:2004/779/Community]

October 7 2004

Taiz Bureau
A training course on sign language, organized by the National Youth Cultural Center, started last Sunday and will last for ten days. A number of leading figures from Civil Community Organizations, media personnel, teachers and students from Taiz University, are participating in the event.
Mrs. Abeer Raweh, the course coordinator, stated that this function aims at facilitating ways of dealing with the deaf and dumb, as well as raising the level of awareness among people in society about this matter.
“We always exert effort for the sake of helping this category of society communicate with other people, and there will be a direct meeting to bring deaf and dumb, and those who are able to speak together,” Mrs. Abeer said. She added that the center, through this course, works for spreading sign language since it is universal and not limited to a particular country.
“This course is pondered upon as the first of a series of courses for many sides that deal directly with the deaf and dumb like teachers, traffic officers, lawyers and others” she said, insisting on the necessity of benefiting from such functions.
It is noteworthy that Mrs. Mayyan Al-Asbahi will handle the training task and care for those with special needs.