Training course organized by UNHCR and Yemen Times:Status of refugees and their human rights [Archives:2003/648/Local News]

July 7 2003

Sanaa, July 6 (YT) – A two-day training course for journalists on the status of refugees and immigrants and their human rights has started yesterday, 6 July at Yemen Times premises in Sanaa. The event, which is organized by UNHCR in cooperation with Yemen Times focuses on the conventions and protocols related the status of refugees, immigrants and their relation to human rights based on international law.
“The event is considered an attempt to raise the awareness of journalists in Yemen of refugee and immigration issues, and clear any confusion that may still be in the minds of those journalists about the distinction between refugees and immigrants and other issues in relation to the two groups of the community.” Mr. Saad Al-Attar, UNHCR resident representative told Yemen Times.
More than 25 journalists representing various media establishments from Sanaa and Aden will are participating in the course.
The event was inaugurated under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Human Rights, Ms. Amatulaeem Al-Susuwa, who has expressed on more than one occasion her commitment to enhancing human rights in Yemen including rights of refugees in the country.
Mr. Khaled Fansa, a UNHCR legal consultant was the trainer in the first day of the event, during which he concentrated on the definition of refugees and gave an overview of the responsibility of the receiving countries according to international conventions. The issues of migration and immigration and the distinction between them and refugees were also described during the training course.
On the second day of the training course, to be held today Monday 7 July, Mr. Saad Al-Attar, UNHCR representative in Sanaa will be giving a comprehensive lecture on contemporary refugee problems in the Arab world, with Yemen and other neighboring countries as a case study. The issue of asylum seekers will also be discussed.
Finally, Mr. Mohamed Al-Ozair, Head of the Refugee Department at the Immigration Authority is expected to give a brief presentation about issues concerning refugees in Yemen and how they are dealt with based on conventions signed by the Republic of Yemen.