Training course & workshop on Jabal Bura’a [Archives:2004/760/Local News]

August 2 2004

The Yemen Protected Areas PAMSCZM Project, affiliated to the General Environment Protection Authority, held Monday July 26 a training course on management of Bura'a sanctuary.
The Project is also preparing for the first workshop on managing and protecting this sanctuary situated to the east of Hodeidah city.
Final management field studies are expected to be finished within the next five months, after which the reserve will be officially announced a natural reserve.
Some 30 participants take part in the course, among them residents of the district, and technicians from the ministry of water and irrigation and the environment protection authority. The course comes within the awareness program the project implements through british company RWA International and Yemeni CTTCS center.
The workshop, expected to be held on August 9, will be attended by 35 participants from the local community, and representatives of several sides concerned with Bura'a reserve. Many papers will be discussed most important of which is the management plan. Local community and responsible authorities will be involved in preparing the plan, environmental tourism strategies.
Bura'a reserve is situated 50 km to the east of the city of Hodeidah, characterized by an abundance life forms including extinct-threatened animal and plant species, as well as rare ones.