Training courses on censuses and family planning [Archives:2003/642/Local News]

June 19 2003

A five-day training course was held at the Ministry of Public Health in Sanaa last week for 45 participants representing productive health and family planning observers and coming from a number of different governorates.
The representatives received training on the value and objectives of censuses and how to carry them out using the new records that the health ministry had distributed on the trainees. The workshop aims at enabling potential census workers to get accurate surveys results and dates of births and pregnancies, etc.
Meanwhile another training course was concluded in Sanaa for childhood and motherhood representatives coming from Marib, al-Baida, Sada'a, and Lahj. The participants were trained in the field of giving consultations for pregnant women and in means to implement family planning measures using available facilities.
It was signaled during the event that females especially in rural areas in Yemen lack awareness of how to implement family planning causing reproduction rates to continue in high levels.
Yemen holds the world's record in birth rate with an annual reproduction rate of 3.7%. Similarly, Yemen is also among the countries with the highest mortality rate among infants and pregnant women.
International donors have expressed keen interest in assisting Yemen in launching awareness programs on population growth control and launching accurate censuses. However, there is still a wide gap between what is implemented on the ground in this regard and what is needed.