Training of trainers course in citizenship and democracy [Archives:2005/900/Local News]

December 5 2005

SANA'A, Dec. 3 ) A course on the first project of training of trainers in the field of citizenship and democracy was concluded in Taiz on November 16th, Thirty trainees from Taiz University, in addition to several inspectors in Taiz Educational office have participated in the course.

The course aimed at acquainting the participants with the mechanisms of interaction with the community to study their problems. It also studied the methods of data collection and the official policy concerning civil education.

Dr. Mohamed Aldorah, a lecturer of law in Taiz University, confirmed the importance of such courses that promote development through civil education. It activates human rights by putting civil values into actual practice.

It is worth mentioning that this course was organized by the Yemeni Civil Education and Democratic Center (CEDYC), in cooperation with Arab Network for Civil Education and the Women Forum training and studies.