Training of Trainers program in Journalism [Archives:2005/890/Local News]

October 31 2005

The Joint Yemen Media Development Program is collaborating with the MCTQI in order to develop a training program for journalism trainers which will run from December 2005 to May 2006. The program includes three courses each of 5 days duration (6-8 hours per day). The courses will be run by qualified European trainers.

Invited participants are to be trained to participate as trainers and co-trainers in Journalistic skills for journalists organized by MCTQI. The first course will be run by trainers from Free Voice (Netherlands) and will be held during the period 17-21 December 2005 at the MCTQI premises. Journalists who fit the following criteria are encouraged to apply for that course:

1- Participants should be working journalists with a minimum of five year experience and are 30 years of age or older.

2- Participants are committed to be available and actively participating in the Training of training programs as well as other training activities organized by MCTQI.

3- Participant should express their willingness to function as a trainer in their own media organizations and in the framework of MCTQI by signing a Declaration of Commitment. This declaration will have to be endorsed and stamped by their respective media organizations; however individual signatures of free lance journalists and correspondents of Arab and foreign media will be sufficient.

4- The deadline for accepting applications for this program is November 15th. Only short listed candidates will be called for interviews.

For more information and the application form, interested applicants should contact the MCTQI at 480172. Or visit the MCTQI office at the Sana'a radio station location, 26 September Street. You may also contact MCTQI Aden branch at 242658