Training Workshop for Associated  School s in Yemen [Archives:2000/13/Business & Economy]

March 27 2000

By: Hooria Mashoor*

Yemeni National Commission for UNESCO in collaboration with UNESCO regional office in Amman launches a three-day (27-29 March, 2000), Training Workshop for 13 Associated Schools in Yemen on World Heritage. The objective of the workshop is to train principals, teachers and guidance on using new teaching materials to integer World Heritage into secondary schools curricula. The subjects aims at involving young people in World Heritage conversation and to raise awareness among students and teachers about peace culture.
The concept of peace culture arose at the end of the cold war. The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture, UNESCO had engaged in activities to promote a culture of peace from its beginnings when it was founded after the World War II to construct the defenses of peace in the minds of men and women. In this framework, schools are important partners. This includes students, teachers, administrators and parents. It is possible to integrate the concept of peace culture with the daily routine of the classroom and the school through displaying pictures, posters, discussions and songs expressing this positive attitude towards peace culture. They could run class discussions and school projects reflecting aspects of peace culture. In our society we need to avoid aspects of violence and to widespread peace culture among children, youth, men and women.
UNESCO Associated Schools Project Net-work (ASP net) was established in 1953 with 33 schools from 15 countries. Then they expanded until they reached more than 5000 schools all over the world.
The main objectives of ASP net:
– carrying out innovative activities to develop new methods and resource material in favor of culture of peace and non-violence.
– developing a multiplier effect through information and networking in order to enable the national system of education to benefit from ASP net experiences.
– promoting intercultural learning and contact between schools worldwide.
– transforming UNESCO ideals and values to reality.
In Yemen we have begun forming ASP net at national level. Later on, we are managing to expand the national net to represent all governorate of the Republic.
*Hooria Mashoor: General Manager of Organization and External Department in the National Commission for UNESCO Notional Coordinator of the ASP net.