Trials for 25 of 41 terror suspects [Archives:2004/735/Local News]

May 6 2004

Sources confirmed to Yemen Times that the trials of 25 suspects accused in terror related cases would begin early next week.
Officials have changed a previous decision to begin the trials of 41 suspects accused in various terror related cases such as the bombing of French oil carrier Limburg, the shooting at a plane of Hunt Oil Company and others.
Yemen Times, according to some sources, has learned that the suspects in the bombing of USS Cole would not stand before a trial at the present time due to rejection of US to the trial.
The sources have stated that preliminary court would commence court hearings following the completion of legal stipulations by the prosecution for 25 suspects.
It is worth mentioning that the Yemeni authorities have announced more than once the beginning of court hearings of terror elements to be later cancelled.