Tribal Clashes in Marib Kill 10 and Injure 32 [Archives:2001/41/Front Page]

October 8 2001

Ten people were killed and 32 others injured last week in armed clashes between the tribes of Al-Jeda’an and Jahm in Marib, 200 km. south to Sana’a. A tribal source told Yemen Times that the clashes broke out because of a dispute between the two tribes over a border piece of land. The source added that various sorts of weapons had been used in the confrontations leading to the congestion of all main roads to Marib. These clashes came after several months of a cease fire agreement between the sheikhs of the two tribes. 
Last week six people were killed and 16 injured in similar clashes between the tribes of Kuhlan and Migtah in the governorate of Hajjah. The clashed also erupted because of a dispute over a piece of land. Such disputes, which erupt every now and then in tribal areas of Yemen, hinder the lives of communities as they can last up to three or four decades. 
The authorities have been unable to bring such headaches under control. Usually military force in the area does not stop warring tribes. The Shura Council formed a committee to address this problem, but so far, it has not done anything substantial. 
At the same time, the two sides authorized al-Sheikh Naser al-Hayal, from the Jahm tribe, bin Kherfan from al-Jeda’an, and Ali Abduh Rabuh, to settle the dispute. An armistice has been signed for six months between the two sides.