Tribal rallies support al-Moayyed [Archives:2005/866/Front Page]

August 8 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
SANA'A- Thousands of tribesmen in different parts of Yemen denounced last week the verdict issued by the U.S. Brooklyn court against Sheikh Mohammad al-Moayyed. The denunciation was stronger in Khawlan to which Sheikh al-Moayyed belongs.

Sheikhs, tribesmen and prominent figures from Khawlan and Amran rallied in Jihana last Thursday in a meeting expressing solidarity with Sheikh al-Moayyed, called in recent publications “father of the needy”.

Those tribes issued a statement strongly denouncing what they termed “transgression against one of their prominent tribesmen and his companion Mohammad Zaid”. They insisted on the concerned authorities to help secure the release of the pair, acquit them and give them material and spiritual compensations.

The statement appealed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, being the top official in the country, to have a prompt intervention to persuade the U.S. authorities to free the pair.

Khawlan tribes urged all Yemenis including sheikhs, officials, social figures and ordinary citizens, as well as all political parties and civil society organizations to play a positive role and denounce such aggression against one of the prominent national figures whom Yemen is proud of.

According to tribal sources, this transgression is not only against Sheikh Mohammad al-Moayyed, but also against every noble man in Yemen. The statement stressed the necessity of a prompt solidarity with al-Moayyed to ensure status and dignity of Yemen.

The assemblies set up a committee representing the seven tribes in Khawlan to follow up the case, coordinate with the concerned authorities and meet with President Saleh with the intention to urge the Yemeni government to exert pressure on the U.S. authorities to free the two Yemeni prominent personalities.

All Yemeni tribes have been invited to hold an emergency meeting in the capital to discuss the case and take a unified stand toward it.

It is worth noting that the U.S. Brooklyn Court issued a verdict last week, sentencing Sheikh Mohammad al-Moayyed to 75 years in jail on charges of supporting terror and funneling money to the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas and al-Qaeda Organization. The victim was detained along with his companion Mohammad Zaid in the German city of Frankfort after he traveled to Germany for medical treatment.