Tribal reconciliation collapses [Archives:2004/765/Local News]

August 19 2004

The initiative forwarded by the President to settle feuds and promote peace amongst Marib tribes is failing, said Sheikh Muqrih Yahyah of Murad tribes in Marib.
“Peace procedures in some disputed cases have not been finalized, and committees assigned to achieve the reconcilement have not performed their duties well,” he added, in an appeal to the President to take care of this important and noble aim.
If it succeeds, Al-Yahyah said, it adds an honor to the great record of the President as remarkable as the Reunification, since it would save the blood of many tribesmen.
He explained that revenge is originated in border disputes between tribes. “Fighting starts, and revenge continues, because the state is oblivious to the condition over here.”
He confirmed that if the government did its duty and summoned the concerned sides before problems erupt, obliging them to conform to Sharia law, and tribal conventions, and punished violators, all people would abide by the law.
“The President suggested a general two-and-half-year reconciliation between Marib tribes, but procedures of the reconcilement have not been finalized. This casts doubt over the good-will of some officials who believe that if the state wants to avoid the danger posed by tribes, it should allow them to continue fighting each other,” he explained.
“It is a shame that tribal conflicts occur in 21st Century Yemen, while the government observes, without action, as though it is unconcerned, which is now the case.”
Sheikh Al-Yahyah concluded his statement. He called on the good men to press the government to settle this case, which would not cost much, but would save many lives.