Tribes nab wanted Saudi [Archives:2004/715/Front Page]

February 26 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The Yemen Times has learned that a group from al-Jawf tribe handed over a Saudi that is wanted by Saudi authorities, after they had arrested him in al-Jawf area where he was hiding, last week.
Sources say Saudi authorities gave a reward to the tribesmen, and some of are still receiving hospitality from the Saudi security authorities.
Information points out that the man who was handed over was not among the men Saudi authorities published photos of in the past few days.
Meanwhile, the Middle East newspaper said on Monday that the one who is leading al-Qaeda cells in Saudi Arabia is the wanted Khalid Haj, known as Abu Hazim al-Shaer, and on the list of the 26 wanted persons published by the Saudi security.
Information indicates that Khalid al-Haj, 33, born in Saudi Arabia in Jedda city, is now living in Riyadh and could not leave up to now.