Tribesmen Blew-up Border Demarcations Marks [Archives:2002/04/Local News]

January 21 2002

A tribal group from Dhu Hussein tribe blasted on January 18, demarcation marks carried out by the German company in the border area of al-Yatama, between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. This is the first operation of its kind to be carried out by a Yemeni tribe since the company started its work in the borders.
Some Yemeni tribes objected to the Jeddah border treaty signed between Yemen and Saudi Arabia under the pretext that they have documents proving their property over lands inside Saudi Arabia.
These tribes have repeatedly expressed their disapproval of the agreement. A tribal source told the Yemen Times that Dhu Hussein tribes had well-defined boundaries with Yam tribe in Saudi Arabia. Dhu Hussein tribes’ boundaries are also well-known for the Saudis, however, Jeddah border agreement gives most of our land to Saudi Arabia, the tribal source added.