Tribesmen Break Down Hunt’s Generator,, Again! [Archives:1999/33/Local News]

August 16 1999

On Tuesday, August 10, a group of tribesmen belonging to the tribe of Bani Gaber/Khowlan, broke down the generator of the communication center of Hunt Petroleum Company near to the filling station no. 2. Sources from the tribe said that the generator was damaged by the 6 persons of the tribe, who have been recently appointed as guards of the pipe which has been uncovered by the water of the rains at KM. 115. According to available information, the company has obliged to pay each one of the guards a YR 1000 per a day but the money has not been paid yet. It is worth mentioning that the tribe broke down the generator around 8 months ago resulting in confrontations with military forces. In that incident, 6 persons were killed and some injured from both side.